Antibéa - Comédie d'Antibes # Saison 2018/19

Phèdre | Racine

A modern tragedy. A ceremony of the Theatre.

Tragedy of the secret, but also of freedom in the breaking the silence.
Last secular tragedy of root, he's here at the top of his art. Phèdre is considered to be the most successful of root room.

Origen here reached the pinnacle of the musicality of the French language.
Here, virtue and guilt clash.
Talk to shut up, hide or confess.
Here we have an alternative in which flourishes human anxiety.

Production: ANTIBEA AntibesMise staged Comédie: Dominique CZAPSKIDistribution: Farid Gadoum, Cedric Garoyan, Alexandra Garnier, Catherine the due, Nathalie Audin, Simeon Polfliet, Nathalie sanding, Sandra Valentin
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15 rue Georges Clémenceau